Farah Joan

Farah Joan Fard is a writer and media manager/producer.


After being laid off twice in a row, and discouraged by the job market, she decided to profile a set of music professionals to keep her inspired, with an end goal of a favorite film composer. Her goals included interviewing someone who’d worked on a film she’d loved as a kid (Katherine Quittner), someone who was touring with one of her favorite bands (Brandon Gilliard for Janelle Monae), someone whose career took a long time to develop and succeeded (Creed Bratton), and ended the project with Clint Mansell in November of 2013. The final list of profiles is here.

Since then she has been volunteering as a mentor in NH and through her Alma Mater, Emerson College, and just teamed up with the SAG Foundation and BookPals.

She has written for Sonicbids, CollegeXpress, Blast Magazine, Blast Bombshell, Tom Tom Magazine, xoJane, and more. Her collaborations have been featured on radio shows and podcasts such as Citywide Blackout,  Movie Matters, and Cincy Plugged In, and her work with the 2012 Rethink Music Conference was used on sites such as The Huffington Post. She drums in the indie jazz band, Savoir Faire, led by Sarah Fard, who was named a finalist in the RAW Artist Awards in Boston in 2011, and was listed as Citywide Blackout’s Best of 2012 Performances.

She has produced mainly educational media and music, audio, and video. She’s worked with notable clients and titles such as Scholastic, Weekly Reader, Disney, and Epic Records. She currently geeks out over the imagination law, as she works with intellectual property for music, art, and language products.

She is a 2009 graduate from Emerson College, where she majored in media production, focusing on music through Berklee College. As a student she wrote for the Berkeley Beacon, and was a member of Emerson Peace and Social Justice. She’s been involved in background work for feature and indie films, art design for film, and theater and improv performance. She began coordinating press coverage for many shows and artists while a student. She has since worked with artists such as The Police, Andy Summers, Creed Bratton, She & Him, Kimbra, Karmin, Andrew Dawson, Doe Paoro, and more.

This blog is named after her favorite rudiment, the paradiddle. She would have named the site after something else she likes, but didn’t want to name it Star Wars, Baked Goods, Cats! Dot com.

You may contact her via this contact form. She’ll get back to you as soon as she is done writing in third person.