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Question & Artist With Mathew Tucciarone. How Do I Become a Music Photographer?

A request came into Question & Artist a short while ago: how does one become a photojournalist? So, I decided to parse these interviews out into different types of photo careers, starting with… Continue reading

How Do I Book Shows If I’m Under 21?

Hi, arts friends! I still have upcoming posts plans for photojournalism (musician photography, fashion photography, and news), but in the meantime I received this query for Question & Artist. This question comes from… Continue reading

Reader Submission: What are some of the fundamentals of singing and producing tone with one’s voice…?

While the Question & Artist page is directed at an informational interview style post with a professional in the field of your choosing (art design, curators, choreographers, music supervisors, educators, voice actors, press,… Continue reading

Is it Time to Hire a Booking Agent?

Well, is it? I’m glad you asked. Because maybe your friend’s sister isn’t cutting it (hey, don’t look at me…). During the day, I geek out over intellectual property, music and art licensing,… Continue reading

Why Did I Blog?

I think a lot of people still have the idea that blogging is made up of Carrie Bradshaws, online teenage diaries, celebrity gossip, or trend-centric posts full of gifs. While I was certainly… Continue reading

Sondheim’s Company: Being Alive in 2014

I was introduced to Sondheim’s 1970 musical Company when I was studying at Emerson College. I have to say I enjoy a good concept musical (Hair being one of my favorites), but I… Continue reading

Feedback is Fun When It’s Not From Your Amp

Did I catch you with the David Bowie image? Dance, magic, dance! I really love interviewing people, artists especially. That being said, I reached my end point for the recent project, and don’t… Continue reading

Getting Through 2013 With Music & Writing

I’m not superstitious, but 2013…really? New Year’s Day 2013 had me trying to be optimistic. After all, I am fortunate. I have a home, wonderful family and friends, and had the opportunity to… Continue reading

Scoring Requiem, Black Swan, and Moon: An Interview With Clint Mansell (Part 2)

My goal to interview a favorite film composer was met last month with part one of my interview with acclaimed composer and musician Clint Mansell, known for his haunting and innovative themes for… Continue reading

The Current State of Film Score: An Interview With Clint Mansell (Part 1)

Most blog projects start with a specific path in mind, along with an end goal. When I changed the focus of my blog, the mission was this: interview one of my favorite film… Continue reading

Women’s Magazines and Female Journos

Why is this still an issue? A big kerfuffle occurred over the summer, regarding women’s magazines and female journalists. I was asked to write about the rise of the female journo, but I… Continue reading

Dracula and Ninja Turtles: What Is Temp Score?

What is temp score? I was not aware. But I have been obsessed with film score for a long time. Someone once told me that the success of sound design or film score… Continue reading

A Resolution for the Electric Lady

Janelle MonĂ¡e, the Electric Lady herself, graced Boston with her presence just a little over a week ago. And Boston graced her with quite an honor. I wish I had taken a moment… Continue reading

An Audition Story

One of the websites I write for is CollegeXpress, which focuses on helping to answer all of those college and pre-college questions. Undergrad, work/study, essays, graduate work…it’s all there. I recently worked on… Continue reading

Upcoming Music Q&A Teaser: It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus!

I’m working on my next music/sound career profile for the music blog, and it will be slightly Halloween themed for the upcoming (best) season… I love Halloween. Costumes. Autumn. Cider. Spooky, scary! When… Continue reading