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Reader Submission: What are some of the fundamentals of singing and producing tone with one’s voice…?

While the Question & Artist page is directed at an informational interview style post with a professional in the field of your choosing (art design, curators, choreographers, music supervisors, educators, voice actors, press,… Continue reading

But How Does One Become A Concert Photographer?

For the words of the prophets were written on the studio wall…concert hall! An upcoming series of posts for Question & Artist will be centered around some photojournalism career queries. Hooray! I’ll be… Continue reading

Question & Artist With Aaron Blaise

I am excited to say that Aaron Blaise was kind enough to answer questions for this first entry in the Question & Artist series. You may recognize his work from Pocahontas, Aladdin, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Rescuers Down Under!

Arts Matter Day 2014, A Group Effort

Arts matter more than my ego. Why do I say that? Because, sure, this isn’t the best cutting I’ve ever done on a video. No L cuts, noise reduction, color correction. I’m pretty… Continue reading

Arts Matter in Massachusetts

You may have noticed a Tweet I sent out this morning for the MassCreative #ArtsMatter campaign. If you didn’t, you are so very lucky. I’ve pasted it real fancy style here: Before I’d… Continue reading

Why Informational Interviews Are Awesome

Sometimes you want an interview at your dream job. Get your foot in the door! But what if they’re not hiring at the moment, or you don’t yet have the appropriate credentials? Informational… Continue reading

Don’t Tell Women That This Doesn’t Actually Happen

Do you ever see something that prompts an idea for writing, then it fades…then you see something else along the same lines and you think, well, I guess I have to write something now! Well,… Continue reading

Your Music, Your Day Job, and Middle Ground

Here’s the thing. I really like my job. Though I was laid off from a music production job years ago, I do feel lucky that the majority of my post college work has… Continue reading

Rejecting the Makeup Free Selfie

I nearly decided not to go outside of my apartment today. A beautiful day, on my way to a child’s birthday party, and I realize this is a selfish thing to do. I… Continue reading

The Difference Between Free Samples and Working For Free

Alright, musicians and artists (and filmmakers, actors, writers), you’re sick and tired of being asked to work for free, so you might see the headline of my monthly Sonicbids post and run to the… Continue reading

Being a Good Citizen of Your Music Community

Seeing that I attended an event at UFORGE Gallery last night, as my sister was performing there with the very jazzy Good Vibes Trio (musicians from Viva La Hop), I ended up chatting… Continue reading

Like It, Share It, Care It

Caring is definitely sharing if you’re an independent musician. Since my upcoming post for one of the other sites I write for is about being a good local music citizen, I thought it… Continue reading

Is it Time to Hire a Booking Agent?

Well, is it? I’m glad you asked. Because maybe your friend’s sister isn’t cutting it (hey, don’t look at me…). During the day, I geek out over intellectual property, music and art licensing,… Continue reading

The Dos and Don’ts of Local Music Etiquette

There is such a thing as musician etiquette. I don’t just mean band to band on the night of a gig, though that certainly applies. When you’re asking for press, when you’re on… Continue reading

So You Want to Book That Show

Nope. They still haven’t responded to your email. I’m not talking about a love interest here, I’m talking about music venues.   You might be sitting, waiting, wishing, wondering why that band was… Continue reading