July’s Music Pile (Part 2)

But wait, there’s more!


Photo courtesy of The Musebox

So this may be a little different from what is usually posted on LaParadiddle. The vocals remind me of a mix between Britney Spears and her style of delivery (chorus) and Rihanna on the verses. I like that the song doesn’t end where I thought it was going to, and it’s shuffling sound.

“Falling to Pieces” is Jenna’s newest single from the album she is working on. I’d like to hear the other songs in the works…she has a strong voice under that auto-tune, let’s hear it!

Ten Kens

The band has been described as stoner rock, but their sound brings me back to a lot of 90s rock bands. The personality of their newest song, ‘Bliss‘, reminds me of Bush, while the arrangement and rhythm reminds me of A Perfect Circle.

Their album, Namesake, is due out on September 4th. This is the third album from the group, and is “the product of this vision is the result of an intense yearlong recording period. Masterfully engineered and produced by Ten Kens own Brett Paulin and Dan Workman, the band utilized several different recording facilities to find the perfect balance of studio wizardry and natural resonance” (from their page).

The band consists of Dan Workman, Brett Paulin, Louis Branchaud, and Trevor Pierobon.

Griffin Anthony

I read a comparison that likened Anthony to a blend of John Mayer and Jason Mraz. I can hear that, but the tracks from his latest, The Canyon, due Augist 1st, also remind me of Emerson Hart’s 2007 Cigarettes & Gasoline. It’s that rock-pop sound with some folk-country in there. Definitely hear the John Mayer in his vocal timbre.

Anthony is not new to the music scene, though. Having performed on morning shows, and worked backstage at the Newport Jazz Festivals as a teenager. His music has been featured in many television spots, and has been performing at festivals! Take a listen, why dontcha?



Whew, this heat has me in a frenzy, hope you are staying cool! Don’t forget to vote in the music poll. Doe Paoro is still in the lead, with Amy Heidemann and Fiona Apple close behind. I see a lot of retweets or reads here (site stats, y’all!) but voting has stalled. Support your favorite artist, I say! In return I’ll do a feature on the winner and do my darndest to check out interview opportunities, etc.

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