Monthly Archive: April, 2012

Karmin Told Us So: From Youtube to Epic Records

They don’t wanna brag, but we already know…Karmin has been dominating pop music lately, and kicking manufactured pop to the curb. With my recent article about women in music and the “song machine”,… Continue reading

Rethink Music with Karmin and Amanda Palmer

The Rethink Music Conference is where music industry nerds in Boston are flocking to. The biggest thing I took from Rethink Music was the advice from fellow musicians who had launched their careers… Continue reading

Karmin! Hello, Boston.

Hooray, for this is the first event I have attended as a member of the press on my own–not for anyone else, but my own blog. Over the past few days, Boston hosted… Continue reading

Andrew Dawson and Kanye West in the Mix

If you want a career as a mix engineer, Kanye West and Beyonce are pretty good artists to have on your resume. I’m sure many would love to observe these recording sessions, let… Continue reading

Elle Magazine’s ‘Women in Music’ & The New Yorker’s ‘Song Machine’

I have to give a little applause for Elle Magazine pulling together a music issue every year, though it is pretty mainstream. That being said, there are always a few speed bumps in… Continue reading

Brighton Music Gentlemen Hall

I tried to merge the venue with the band. I tried. I couldn’t pass up a possible play on words, so you may cringe and berate me later. Well, you’re probably here because… Continue reading

Capturing My Politic

By capturing the band, My Politic, I mean with a camera. Not in a swashbuckling pirate sort of way. Yes. So. Friday, March 30, was a joyous night of folk music at the… Continue reading

Bees and Jazz: Bees Deluxe

I think of bees and often think of the Beehive in Boston: jazz and good potatoes, two things I really like. Launching off of one bee/jazz association, I will jump to another jazzy… Continue reading